Build Brand Awareness with an Amazon Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that e-commerce is representing a greater and greater share of overall commerce each year, and that virtual fortunes can be made for those who plan and execute well a few key strategies for gaining exposure and market share across multiple sales channels.

If you are an e-commerce site operator and you sell your own private label brand of products, today I am going to share with you a four-pronged Amazon marketing strategy on how you can dominate Amazon with your store’s product line and increase traffic to your ecommerce site. So grab a pen and paper and take notes….

As I go through this strategy, the company and model I’d like you to keep in mind is Spigen, a leading seller of cell phone accessories on Amazon.

Building Brand Awareness with an Amazon Marketing Strategy:


  1. Increase market share for, and create fans of your product line
  2. Increase sales revenue for your business
  3. Move buyers from Amazon to your own e-commerce site

The Plan:

List products currently for sale in your e-commerce site on, starting with the lower competition categories that are in your niche (e.g. travel accessories, office products, baby products, or sports and outdoors).  Optimize your listings to basically “out market” your competitors, thereby gaining increased sales rank.  Then wash, rinse, and repeat with any products you may have in more competitive categories.

Tip: Use a Super URL to link product pictures from your e-commerce site to your Amazon listings rather than your cart checkout – OR – utilize Amazon Payment Services to increase buyer trust on your site.

Phase 1: List Your Products on

Starting with items in the less competitive niches, list your products on in the most highly optimized manner possible.  The areas of most importance to pay attention to, in order, are:

  • Product Images – at least 7 super high quality images including action shots
  • Product Title – Start with your brand name, in all caps, and include 2 – 3 keywords
  • 5 Bullet Points – Concise with key features and benefits. Use Additional keywords
  • Keywords to Rank For –  Not visible.  Used in your listing setup. Don’t repeat main title keywords to save characters allowed
  • Questions & Answers –  Use this area to respond to questions with keyword optimized replies.  This helps boost your product ranking.
  • Description –  Create a compelling, benefit rich description using basic [paragraph] and [Bold] headline tags to increase readability.

You want to have all items Fulfilled by Amazon rather than Merchant to help boost ranking and garner potential Amazon Prime customers. You want to ship at least 200-250 of each product into Amazon for those products you are going to promote with a :”blast” style launch.

Phase 2:  Amazon Marketing Strategy

On, product performance comes down to two things basically – sales and reviews.  Sales depend on converting traffic into buyers, and conversions depend upon having optimized listings and social proof in the form of reviews.  You can see how most of these factors are related to one another.

Most Internet marketers struggle in one way or another with getting traffic to their websites,  with over 225 million sales visits to Amazon per year, the traffic factor is taken care of.  You just have to convert that traffic into buyers.  And on Amazon, the better you convert, the more traffic they send your way.

Begin With Your Existing Customers

The first thing you want to do is to contact your existing customer list with a 25-50% off coupon to buy your products on Amazon itself.  Then follow up with those who do buy to ask for product reviews (within your Amazon SellerCentral Account).  This builds your social proof and increases sales.  Aim for at least 25 reviews for each product from your promotional efforts alone.

An aggressive tactic you can use to increase the number of reviews you get is to use a service like Feedback Genius or other e-mail follow-up services.  You can also opt to utilize the services of a virtual assistant to go through your orders and follow-up asking for reviews.

To increase reviews you can also contact niche blogs, forums, and/or products reviewers, among others, and give them a coupon to receive free products in exchange for a review.

Launch Your Products

A recently developed method to quickly boost sales rank, and even get reviews, is known as a product launch or “blast.” This method entails using Honestfew to give away a number of products to customers at a deeply discounted price (commonly $0.99 or $1.99), using a one-time coupon code.  This has the effect of significantly boosting your Amazon sales rank by getting a large number of sales in a short period of time.

A blast of 150 to 200 product units will usually be sufficient to rank your product in most non-competitive categories.  Intensely competitive markets such as dietary supplements or cell phones and accessories might require two to four times as many products be given away at those prices to gain significant rank and thus are more costly to promote.

Again, you follow up by asking customers for reviews.  Repeat this process for as many products as you wish to rank highly or reach your desired BSR.

Phase 3: Turn On Pay Per Click Advertising

Once you have an optimized listing for your product and around 25 reviews, it’s time to turn on one of the most inexpensive and cost efficient pay-per-click ad campaigns in existence – Amazon Sponsored Ads.  Just enter relevant keywords you wish to attract buyers to your listing with, and let Amazon deliver your product ads to thousands of their customers.

The goal here is not to profit from this advertising, but to boost sales rank by increasing sales.  Remember, the higher your product’s BSR (Best Seller Rank), the more organic sales you will make.  A break-even strategy is best employed here.

After you have optimized your Amazon Sponsored Ads campaign, it’s time to finally turn to sending Amazon some outside traffic by turning on alternative external paid traffic sources such as Facebook ads and Google PPC.  The Amazon algorithm likes external traffic as this brings Amazon more customers.  You will be rewarded with increased product sales rank as a result.

Phase 4:  Bring Your Amazon Customers Home

Once you have acquired an increased number of customers from the site (as evidenced by reaching approximately 250 product reviews) and grown your customer base, it’s time to point your external pay-per-click campaigns back toward your e-commerce site.  You can utilize some of your Amazon reviews on your site as an added customer draw if you like.

You can also resume having your customers’ use your check out cart, and you can now fulfill orders yourself if you prefer.  This will not only bring in new customers to your site, it will also increase their confidence level in using your site.  You can, of course, opt to maintain your Amazon listings in a multi-channel fulfillment arrangement.

Strategies To Grow Even Further

To increase building brand awareness and grow your brand or ecommerce business even further, employ such tactics as retargeting with tools such as Perfect Audience or Adroll, and doing media buys on selected web properties.

For those so inclined, moving into international markets with Amazon may be the easiest way to experience the ultimate in brand expansion.  The opportunities are limitless for the imaginative businessperson. We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on how you can build brand awareness with an Amazon Marketing strategy.

There has never been a better time to explore your desire to expand your brand than today.  With the advent of launch services such as HonestFew, explosive growth in sales and customer acquisition has bought what was once often a mere fantasy for the average person, into a practical, cost effective reality. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas so comment below.

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