Top 15 Cheapest Multitools for sale on right now

Summer means camping. And camping means being ready for anything. And being ready for anything means…




Multitools, that’s right.

So here are the top 15 multitools on Amazon right now, which we found and then sorted by pricepoint, starting with the cheapest one. So, let’s get into it:

True Utility $3.61  
Not only is it a spiffy yellow, but it’s extremely cheap. Normally, good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good. But this might be the exception at the lowest priced multitool on Amazon right now.

Jeep $8.39  
It’s a silver adjustable screwdriver and wrench, and the form factor reflects that. Some negative reviews make me question how well it works in some areas. But do your research, and it should be fine.

Swiss+Tech $8.54  
Aside from having the most interesting main product photo in its category (a spider-like splayed position), the Swiss+Tech model offers a lot for the price and may just be your new best friend.

CoBean $8.68  
This one’s great, because it takes on a hammerhead on one side of its body, unlike a lot of its more fragile-looking counterparts.

Gerber $10.58  
The first model of the $10 mark, this knife-heavy model looks like it would packa a punch. Ideal for whittling, camping, and cutting ties of all kinds (not emotional ones).

Jaybrake $11.73  
Higher ratings, reasonable price, and all of the tools you’d expect. The Jaybrake model is the most “classic” and “expected” multitool on this list so far.

Gelindo $14.99  
If you’re the type of person who wants things in a full set, this multitool comes with a carrying bag and blue accents. This one’s visually different from the others. Functionally, probably on even ground. 

VODIY $19.97  
Like Gelindo in the previous entry, this tool comes with a carrying case and even screwdriver heads in a sleek selection. If you want the whole nine yards, go VODIY.

Vitopeak $19.99
If you like a sleek all-black set, go with this one!

Leatherman $34.89  
I thought I’d end with the $35 gorilla in the room. This stainless steel model from Leatherman. It’s certainly the “luxury” play in this market, and if you want to make sure that your cash is in good hands, this seems like the reliable choice in this market.