Example Amazon Listing Optimized by HonestFew

Our article and video on optimization did so well that I wanted to share an example Amazon listing.

So with permission, here’s an optimization we did for a client (with the brand name removed, of course).

I’ll go section by section and explain my decisions.


Silicone Baking Mat Set of 3 by [BRAND] – Non Stick, Anti Slip, Heat Resistant – Pan and Oven Sheet Liner Bakeware Tool for Cookies, Macaron, Pastry – Replaces Parchment Paper and Tin Foil

Note: lead with the main keyword.  When starting out, don’t put your brand name first (especially if it doesn’t contain keywords). Make it read like a sentence. Different categories have different length restrictions, so adjust accordingly.


☆ A HEALTHIER FAMILY. These silicone baking mats are non stick, non slip, and heat resistant bakeware. They replace sprays, oils, and grease that add fat and chemicals to cooking.
☆ PAYS FOR ITSELF. Invest in these mats once, and you’ll avoid the trips to the store to buy aluminum and tin foil, parchment paper, and cooking spray. You can reuse the mat 2000+ times, saving you money on 63 cooking spray cans, or 3,879 sheets of parchment paper.
☆ SAVES YOU TIME. Watch cookies, cakes, pastry, cheese, and more peel right off the pan! No more struggling, and perfect presentation.
☆ YOU GET MORE. It’s not just another mat. It’s a bakeware set of 3, so you’ll be prepared for any situation. There’s a 8″ square for the microwave and toaster oven, 8”x11” for the every day, and 11”x16” for big dinner and company. Your kitchen, but better.
☆ LOVE THEM OR GET EVERY CENT BACK. With 150+ reviews, these mats are proven. If these mats don’t make baking better, we’ll refund your order.

Note: capitalize the main benefit, so the reader gets the point in seconds. Appeal to raw human wants like family, love, money, happy relationships, being better than other people. List a benefit first, then a feature. Use math (e.g. this 1 sheet replaces 3,879 sheets of parchment paper) to persuade.


I focused on biologically-driven benefits when selling the product.

Here’s what [BRAND] silicone baking mats can do for you:


Our mats replace sprays and oils that add fat and chemicals to food. Doctors link oils to cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Get a non-stick surface without oil which means health and happiness for loved ones. </p>

<p><b>☆ PAYS FOR ITSELF</b> You can use each mat 2000+ times. You get 3 mats, so 6000+ uses. That’s 189 cans of cooking spray, or 11,637 sheets of parchment paper. Your savings? $1243.35. That’s what you would have spent. Invest now to avoid constant trips to the store. </p>

<p><b>☆ SAVE TIME</b> Make any pan non-stick. Cookies, chocolate, pastries, and cheese peel right off the pan! It makes cooking fun again, and it’s so easy even the kids can help. No more struggling with food stuck to the pan. </p>

<p><b>☆ MORE VALUE</b> Most companies only make large, rectangular mats. Our mat set has a standard 11” x 16” for big baking. We prepare you for anything with an 8” x 11” mat, and a mini 8” mat for microwaving. </p>

<p><b>☆ TESTED, PROVEN</b> Made of high-grade silicone that’s FDA/LFGB approved, BPA-free. The surface is non-stick and withstands temperatures of -40°F/-40°C – 450°F/230°C. Freezer, microwave, oven— you bet! </p>

<p><b>☆ NO DIRTY DISHES</b> If this were a regular pan, you’d need to scrub it with soaps. With our mats, wipe it down, rinse, and air dry. Flavors and odors bounce right off. </p> <p>

<b>☆ MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE</b> Every set is backed by the [BRAND] guarantee: love our mats or get every penny back, no questions asked. Consider this a risk-free purchase.</p>

<p> If you’d like to upgrade your daily baking, hit the Add to Cart button! It’s backed with the [BRAND] money-back guarantee </p>

Note: this is an expanded version of the bullet points, and includes HTML tags to visually break each benefit into a bite-sized point.

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