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The Lucid Dream ebook/ejournal is a 5 part ebook series that helps you reclaim the 33% of life that slips away everyday: sleep & your dreams. It teaches you how to understand who you really are. It’s amazing, sits on your bedside table: accepting your deepest thoughts without judgement, and giving you time, creativity, and document the mysterious 1/3 of life we spend asleep. LUCID is like an old friend that remember and learn from your dreams. Capturing dreams lets you gain insights about yourself to discover who you really are.

The ebook is a dream journal split up into 5 sections with over 300 pages in total to really give you a superior learning experience. It’s part book and part journal, so there are sections where you will learn the skills necessary to lucid dream and then there will be pages for you to practice and to master your craft. Take a look at the description to find out all the amazing features included in the book.

Note: this is an HonestFew first: a comprehensive digital guide, bought and reviewed entirely on the HonestFew site. Make history, and master the art of lucid dreaming.

Benefits of using the Lucid Dream eBook/eJournal

+Deeper self-knowledge
+Boost creativity and get better ideas
+Forever fascinate your friends
+Turn your dreams into reality by learning to control them
+Do amazing things that you can’t do while awake

*Since this is a digital product, there are no refunds after the product has been purchased.

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This is an HonestFew first: a comprehensive digital guide, bought and reviewed entirely on the HonestFew site. Make history, and master the art of lucid dreaming.

Some elements of the Lucid Dream eBook include:

The Intro: how the LUCID Dream Book makes your dreaming and waking life amazing!

Your Lucid Legacy:  an artist and their recent masterpiece, the star athlete and the game ball, the Declaration of Independence… all the greats put a signature on their work. And your dreams are no exception! So go ahead, sign the Lucid Legacy and start your adventure off right.

Dream Basics: essential info about the science of dreaming. These will be useful moving forward. Dream Recall 101: concise 8 steps for remembering your dreams better. These 7 steps alone can improve your dream recollection substantially.

Lucid Dreaming 101: steps explaining how to become aware that you’re dreaming from within a dream. And, how to subsequently achieve control of the dream.

Dreamhack: Dreamhacks are 12 training sessions (1 for every 30 pages of the Dream Log). Each covers a new topic. We recommend reviewing 1 every 30 dreams that you log, but you can learn them at your own pace.

Dream Log: unlike other notebooks and journals, the pages are formatted specifically for dreams! There’s space for one-word essentials, written descriptions, and graphics. You can also quantify your success rate with techniques like spotting dream signs, doing reality checks, and achieving lucidity.

Monthly Review: every 30 days (30 Dream Log pages), you’ll find a Monthly Review. Here, you can develop a gameplan for the coming month as well as get your performance statistics. Every month, receive a Dream Score out of 180.

The Glossary: have you ever had a dream and thought to yourself: “what did I just watch?” It’s alright, we have too. If you’re ever stumped, the glossary is full of useful analysis based on things you experience in dreams. It’s a list of the most universal modern day icons. So, flip to the back for some self-knowledge.

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*Since this is a digital product, there are no refunds after the product has been purchased.

6 reviews for The Lucid Dream e-book/ e-journal

  1. The Lucid Dreaming ebook contains a potentially interesting format. Unfortunately I would have to print out hundreds of pages to utilize the recommended protocol. The information presented is not new as I have read other books on the subject, so I think the selling point would be a printed physical journal. I love reading and with that in mind I usually have a little editor in my head while I read therefore this was a cumbersome read. The things that made it cumbersome were the typos “dddand” on the first page, grammatical errors, inconsistencies such as “Dream Recall: 8 steps…..these 7 steps alone…” layout problems…S (next paragraph) o,…. If these issues are not a bother and you want to print the ebook out, it does look like fun.
    Disclaimer: I received a discounted price on this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review,

  2. WHO AM I?

    Hello! I remember my dreams pretty well and I have experienced “awareness” within a dream a couple times in my life. Curious about how to control this phenomenon, I have bought this book at a discount, in exchange for my honest review. Actually, I have received the e-book version, not the leather-bound paper version.


    I wouldn’t recommend this buy to a friend.


    – If you currently cannot remember your dreams, this book might help. There is much space to narrate your oneiric escapades. But really… You can get a notebook at the dollar store for the same purpose.
    – Yes, the leather cover makes it look better than a $2 notebook. But do you really want to share it with your family, as the authors suggest? Dreams are often very personal. The point of lucid dreaming is to do whatever you want in your dreams, without boundaries, without feeling judged. Writing down everything you experience and allowing others to read it sounds contradictory. Taking notes is only meant as an exercise to help you remember your dreams. My opinion is that once you master this, you can – and should – burn all the evidence.
    – Who wrote this book? Mystery. No name on the cover. Not a specialist, I’d say. Maybe a bunch of assistants hired overseas? That’s just my guess. No sources provided, either.
    – The book starts with a dozen pages worth of tips, facts and insight. And it could as well end there. What’s the “meat” of it, you ask? The same full-page form, 360 times. What a waste of paper…
    – The go-to method of the authors is auto-suggestion. Repeating mantras like “I will remember my dreams” may indeed help you to remember your dreams. Bonus: now you know how to write a self-help book on any given subject.
    – The “dreamhack” pages are useless, at best a retread of the first pages, at worst a shameless scheme to fill up space. A real throwback to school days when you struggled to meet the minimum word count for an essay.
    – I can’t help but think this book was written as a means to make money, rather than as a way to share insightful know-how. But that’s not just about the hefty price tag or the lack of contents. The widespread typos and unfinished sentences reinforce the feeling that it was written fast and never proofread (at least not by a native English speaker).
    – To wrap it up: I believe that lucid dreaming is a reality, and that it is possible to write a good book on the subject. I just wouldn’t recommend this one. To me, it’s an overpriced notebook with a preface.
    – Unexpectedly, the end of the book is very funny. *Spoiler Alert* They suggest you buy another copy of the same book to keep taking notes. I’m not kidding.

  3. (verified owner)

    I have received this item at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review.

    This book was a very interesting read. I did some research on Lucid dreaming a few years ago and really got into it, and I believe that this book gives you a lot of good advice for anyone who is starting their first journey into Lucid dreaming. However, be forwarned that Lucid dreaming is not something that you will learn to do in a night, or even in a week. It takes time to learn, and a lot of time to really master. If you are interested in learning the art behind lucid dreaming this book would be a good book to pickup to get started.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I received this item at a discount / free in exchange for my honest review / comment.
    I finally got a dream last night – but it was a nightmare. I took this opportunity to start using this book. I went thru page by page and started understanding the flow. I wrote down the details on it which was required, and hopefully I will be able to review it in the future.
    This book basically tells you how to sleep better, how to treat a dream and record it, and to understand it, so as to earn about oneself whom spends 33% of life time in sleeping. It is not easy and not quite suit short term study. It would, however, works better in a long run. It is just like a dream diary.

  5. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I have received this item at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review. When I received the email for this dreambook I was so excited. I have experienced being in a lucid dream before and it is so awesome. You can literally do ANYTHING you want in your dreams! This book is great because it has space specifically formatted to jot and sketch down your dreams. The important thing is the keep the journal by your bed so that as soon as you wake up you can write down what your dream was about and research the meaning later.

    The other thing I really like about this book is that the pages are easily re-printable so you can never run out of pages. I’ve put mine together in a binder and I’m able to reflect on my dreams while I’m at work. This journal is great!

  6. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I purchased this book at a reduced price for my honest and unbiased opinion. So other than a few miss spellings it was very informative. I haven’t mastered lucid dreaming but I do remember a lot more of the dreams I’ve had and the glossary has been helpful to better understand my dreams. I’d say buy buy buy!

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