Picking winners in Jungle Scout: $26k niche found in 30 seconds

Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool that shows you review count, estimated sales, revenue… all nicely compiled in Google Chrome. Today, we’re using JS to find a $26k/month niche in 30 seconds.

What is the secret to picking winners in Jungle Scout?

Revenue per review.
High revenue is ok, but high revenue in proportion to reviews is a winner!

Here’s how to calculate RPR:

(1) Find the market leader’s monthly revenue via JS (e.g. the top seller makes $24,000).
(2) Divide their revenue by the number of reviews they have (e.g. $24,000/45 reviews).
(3) The RPR (revenue per review) is $533. That’s a great RPR. What does it mean? If you compete with a similarly optimized listing, for every review you get you “earn” $533 if you eventually overtake that competitor.

Not a perfect metric, but produces clear ‘YES/NO’ decisions when looking for private label ideas. By the way, if you’re looking for fresh product ideas or just want 100 good ones to fall in your lap, you’re in luck.

To summarize: low RPR is bad; high RPR is good.

Some examples:

(1) LOSER: “vegetable spiralizer” $96,741 revenue/6734 reviews = $14 RPR.
I’ll tell you right now: RPR values from $1-$100 indicate a long, grinding, battle for top spots. That’s the misconception that RPR rectifies: it doesn’t matter how much revenue the leader is making. If the RPR is low, it isn’t worth it. At least without giving away a ton of product for review.
Picking winners in Jungle Scout


(2) WINNER: “kids terrarium” $26,203 revenue/43 reviews = $609.37 RPR.
With just 43 reviews, you’d be on par with the leader in terms of review conversion power, making each review that you get “worth” $600. And if you’re in a position to take an opportunity like this, our Silver Package ($299) is all you need to take the top review count.
Picking winners in Jungle Scout


(3) MAYBE: “lollipop sticks” $9240/73 = $126 RPR.
If you introduce a similar product with an equally optimized listing and overcame their review count, you’d earn at their level. Maybe. However, RPRs of $100+ could still be a battle. Do more digging.


Picking winners in Jungle Scout



General rules for picking winners in Jungle Scout in 30 seconds:
– high revenue is good, but high revenue in proportion to review count is better!
– don’t look in Amazon’s top 100. Everyone looks there. Find weird, niche stuff that appeals to a specific type of person. It helps if you are such a person.  Everyone can sell a soccer ball, but what about darts? Boomerangs? Rock climbing stuff?
– just keep clicking. Maybe start in the top 100, but click away to product after product. Go layers deep, and find the untapped markets.
– add modifiers to searches. For example, instead of just “backpack”, search: “industrial backpack”, “commercial backpack”, “bulk backpack”, “kids backpack”, “novelty backpack”, “special backpack”, “backpack accessories”, “backpack alternative”, “better backpack”, etc.
– use auto-completion. Start typing a product name or category, and see what Amazon fills in for you.
– don’t forget the basics: lightweight, fits in a shoebox (or better, your hand), no safety hazards (fragile, sharp, chemicals), not trademarked/patented/licensed, non-electric preferred. If it crosses one of these lines, beware.

Disclaimer: if you don’t have Jungle Scout yet, it’s essential. If you want to pay the same price while supporting more content like this, go through this link. But to be honest (and that’s our job around here), we stand by JS 100% and would recommend it anyways.

Other disclaimer: this RPR technique gives you a bird’s-eye view of a market. It’s not totally predicative of success or failure. Other things matter: FBA/AMZ competitors, your differentiation plan, your budget for getting reviews, PPC for keyword ranking, the authority of your competitor’s seller account, and many other factors. Thanks again for checking out our guide to picking winners in Jungle Scout. Happy Jungle Scouting! So in conclusion… let’s sell some terrariums! Haha.

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