Top 10 cheapest pieces of summer patio furniture on Amazon

It’s summertime 2016! And that means it’s time to spice up your outdoor area (whether its a balcony, patio, backyard, or poolside). So, we went out and found the most cost-effective products for sale on Amazon right now that you can buy, starting at as low as $5.99.

So, let’s get into it shall we?

  1. G & F $5.99  
    This delightful bistro set has a rustic touch and whimsical black detailing.
  2. Quantum Imports $8.75  
    Strap to a beach umbrella, picnic umbrella, canopy etc. to light up your patio table. Looks awesome, and super practical for those late-night chats.
  3. innotree $12.99  
    Continuing the light fee, this string of fairy lights is trending and adds a touch of magic to the yard. Stretch them out across the balcony, and welcome summer with open arms.
  4. INST $14.88  
    Like our fairy lights in #3, but interestingly these things are solar powered, coming with a solar strip attachment. Sustainable and neat.
  5. SwiftlyDone $15.22
    And on the solar theme, SwiftlyDone brings the world a peel-and-stick solar light to make walkways and porches safer at night. Thanks, guys.
  6. Adams Manufacturing $14.99
    A rustic quick-fold side table available in over 10 quirky colors. So no matter what your color scheme is, I’m pretty sure Adams is going to have something for you.
  7. GDEALER $15.99
    Tearsdrop-shape and very (very) multicolored lights aren’t for everyone, but if you’re into the sweet and whimsical look, you’ll love these. I can imagine these being really cute for kids rooms, as well.
  8. TaoTronics $17.99
    Fairy lights, continued.
  9. Garden Creations $19.47
    Seems like solar lights are dominating the charts this season. These are the ones that you stick into the ground along a winding path to the solid-oak front door of your country estate, if you know what I mean.

10. 2×4 Basics $21.47
The parts to build your own table (that’s why it’s called the “AnySize” table) out of 2x4s, or really any size planks you’ve got lying around. You have planks lying around, right?

So that’s the round-up! Hey, do me a favor and leave a comment on which patio piece is your favorite. See you in the next one.