Top 7 cheapest Waffle Irons for sale on right now

There’s something heavenly about fluffy, straight-from-the-baker waffles. And if you eat out (say, at your favorite breakfast place) you might find yourself paying $10 for them. But not anymore. We scrubbed the pages of Amazon for the best deals on waffle irons for this month (May 2016), sorted and ranked for you.

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  1. Oster – $17.36
    Your classic compact stainless steel number.

2. Proctor Silex – $18.99
Simple, clean, white plastic body.

3. Hamilton Beach – $19.29
Makes 2 waffles instead of 1 (the other two previous models only do 1), for twice the efficiency. Plus, Hamilton Beach exclusively deals with this sort of appliance.

4. Applica – $26.49
This is actually a Black and Decker number. I think you’ll be rather pleased.

5. Hamilton Beach – $28.99

6. Cuisinart – $29.95
Yes, it’s more expensive but it also makes not 1, not 2… but 4 waffles! So for what it’s worth, it’s quite the time-saver especially if you’re looking to make a ton of waffles for family and friends.

7. Oster (again) – $29.99
The difference is that this one is ceramic, as opposed to the stainless steel version above. I included it to give some representation to the ceramics.