1.  Designed Just for You

We craft a customized, professional appeal letter and plan of action using data your seller metrics, sales activity, and previous communications.

2. Talk to Amazon

You'll receive your letter in under 48 hours, which you send to your contact at Amazon. The average time to reinstatement is 3-4 days, with HonestFew boasting a 92% success rate.

3. Get Your Business Back

Amazon reinstates your Amazon Seller Central account and your life, business, and income are back to normal. We provide any additional follow-up communications free of charge.

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                      BENEFITS OF HONESTFEW

Start Making Sales Again

We can get you back on the world's largest marketplace. Every day that your products are suspended, you're losing money to the competition.

Makes Financial Sense

Considering all of your future income from Amazon, your business is worth more than our one-time fee. HonestFew is professional and fairly-priced. We've won hundreds of appeals in the past and can do the same for you.

All-in-One Solution

We're your professional partner every step of the way. We do the work for you, crafting a customized appeal and handling all follow-up communication with Amazon.

Designed for You

Don't use templates— Amazon's seen them all before. We craft a customized, professional appeal letter and plan of action that integrates your performance metrics, previous communications, and sales data into a winning case.

Lightning-Fast Speed

Amazon needs a professional response, ASAP. All letters are delivered in 48 hours or less, with phone and email support throughout the process.

Highly Experienced

After seeing hundreds of cases, we know what works and what Amazon wants to see. Maximize your one chance at success by letting HonestFew optimize your appeal down to the letter.


Reinstatement Package

$499for Total Reinstatement
  • 100% Money Back guarantee if you're not reinstated
  • 1 Product Listing or Account Reinstated
  • Complete Customized Appeal Letter & Plan of Action
  • 48 Hour Delivery Time
  • All Email Follow-Up with Amazon Handled
  • 92% Average Success Rate

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