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Consistent Sales

We help you produce the sales that your product needs to succeed. Sell free or discounted products to your own group of shoppers whenever you’d like.

Sustainable Reviews

Reviews build the trust and credibility that you need to succeed. Provide customer service, giving your shoppers the option of writing reviews for your products.

Listing Optimization

Our team of writers optimizes your Amazon title, bullets, description, and search terms. This gets you more visitors through new keywords, and increases sales with ad copy that triggers buying behavior.



1.  Get a package

Get direct, unlimited access to hundreds of shoppers who can buy and review your products. No accounts or profiles; real email addresses.

2. Connect with shoppers

Get your product in front of thousands of shoppers who love working with brands like yours.

3. Get amazing results

The sales increase your visibility, and the reviews give your product the trust it needs to sell even more. Every package comes with an expert consultation and step-by-step training to maximize your list.

                      BENEFITS OF HONESTFEW

Sales & Reviews

Own a community of shoppers that can buy and review your products: enough to power every launch going forward.

All-in-one Solution

HonestFew's proprietary solution does the work for you: no more buying ads, social media, or outreach. Simply buy a list, and start promoting. No stress, no worry, and no time wasted.

Scalable Results

When you leverage the power of HonestFew, you're able to do much more than you could ever do alone.

Easy Setup

Set up your community of shoppers in just 5 minutes. It’s quite possibly the best investment a serious brand can make.

Get More Time

Automate the process of growing an audience so that you have time to source your new bestseller and expand to new markets.

Reviews Done Right

Ask your shoppers to write reviews so that you can create the trust you need to sell more and prove to the world that you've got what it takes.


100 Shopper Email List

for New Brands
$349per list
  • 100 Shopper email list for you to use
  • Unlimited promotions and use after you receive them

500 Shopper Email List

for Top Selling Brands
$630per list
  • 500 Shopper email list for you to use
  • Unlimited promotions and use after you receive them

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