The Perfect Tear

Eleanor is stunned to discover she must outwit a powerful being or become his accomplice in the destruction of her world.
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I'mConnie Lansberg, it's nice to meet you!

Welcome to my page on HonestFew. I think you'll love my book, take a look!

Why you'll love my book

Here are some of the best things about my book that I think you'll really enjoy.

Intriguing Plot

This not the story you're expecting but it's the story that will satisfy you. The Perfect Tears series is designed to have a compelling story that is sequential and the second book takes place only nine months after the first finishes

Real and Unreal Characters

What makes a villain – or a hero? Can a person be both? It can be a matter of perspective. Are the needs of one more important than the needs of another? I'll let you decide.

All Access

This is written with teens in mind, but the concepts are deep and highlight what we, the human race, need to do to survive in a joyful manner.

Twists and Turns

The style of this book evokes the same ride as watching a movie. It's written in such a way that your question will be many and your eventual answers, satisfying.

A Grownup Fairytale

C.S. Lewis said "Some day, you'll be old enough to read fairy tales again." That day has come.

Multiple Stories

The entire series is designed to feature different characters and different adventures. By the third book, you'll have a new characters to fall in love with or to hate.

Connie is a singer/songwriter/scriptwriter and now, author, living in Melbourne, Australia. She runs a jazz night where her fantastic quartet plays every week. She sings originals and standard and is soon to release an album of songs written especially for the book and the eventual movie soundtrack. Melbourne’s been voted best city in the world many years running so if you make it to Melbourne she’d like you to pop into her club, A secret Place.



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