Love Kills (The Max Segel Series Book 1)

A stalker falls in love with women from afar, tricks his way into their homes, and when they rebuff his declarations of love, he stabs them.
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I'm Dan Greenburg, it's nice to meet you!

Welcome to my page on HonestFew. I think you'll love my book, take a look!

Why you'll love my book

Here are some of the best things about my book that I think you'll really enjoy.

Love Kills is a frightening, darkly humorous, startlingly sexual page-turner with a surprising climax.
The New Yorker: "Greenburg has thought it plausibly, brilliantly through, and has created not only an attractive young hero and heroine but also a revoltingly believable monster."
New York Times: "Love Kills thrills."
This is the first of my three bestselling psychological thrillers. To make sure police procedures and dialogue in the book were authentic, I accompanied NYPD homicide cops to crime scenes, to autopsies, on high-speed car chases, to door-busting arrests, and I also interviewed murderers in their cells.
Newsweek: "Love Kills induces genuine, sweaty panic. Greenburg's is a witty, scary invention."
Chicago Sun-Times: "Read it and squirm! The whole thing works beautifully. Wholly imaginative, eerily convincing!” and Gay Talese, bestselling author: "Dan Greenburg has written a novel of terrifying realism that should be read by every woman who lives alone. It may save her life."

Dan Greenburg’s seventy-three books have been translated into twenty-four languages and include Fear Itself and the two previous bestsellers in the Max Segal series, Love Kills and Exes. Dan has written many humor books, including How to Be a Jewish Mother and How to Make Yourself Miserable, as well as several movies, TV shows, Broadway shows, and he’s been a stand-up comedian and a tiger tamer, among other things. To research his thrillers, Dan spent two years with NYPD homicide cops, going to crime scenes and autopsies to check out corpses, accompanying detectives on high-speed car chases and door-busting arrests. Dan also spent several weeks doing research in maximum security prisons, interviewing convicted murderers in their cells.

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