Teachers under the Microscope

What was the research on the teaching profession like during communist times and what has changed in Central Europe??
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Information on data that have been tabu for a long time - on research on teachers during communist times
Comparison of research on teachers between the Western and Eastern block
Comparison of research before and after the fall of communism

Dana Hanesová graduated from Comenius University in Scientific Information and Librarianship (1982). After the Velvet revolution, she completed her second Master’s Degree in Pedagogy and Teaching English at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica (1994). She obtained a doctorate in Foreign Language Teaching in 2003. She has been teaching several teacher training programmes at Matej Bel University since 1993, teaching undergraduates, graduates and doctorants. In 2005 she became an Associate Professor of Teaching Science. She has been also actively involved in primary school teaching for a decade. She has been a speaker at 100 conferences, half of them outside of Slovakia. Her fields of research are: pedeutology (science on teaching profession), comparative education, pedagogy of teaching English as a foreign language and of Religious Education. Dana has been involved in several international projects and written 14 books and study texts and over 200 studies. In 2004 she received the European label of quality for initiatives in language teaching.

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