Enemies and Playmates

Bad boy PI crosses the line for love.
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I'm Darcia Helle, it's nice to meet you!

Welcome to my page on HonestFew. I think you'll love my book, take a look!

Why you'll love my book

Here are some of the best things about my book that I think you'll really enjoy.

Memorable Characters

Love them or hate them, these characters will stick with you long after you've read the last page.

A Love Story

Don't we all want someone who loves us enough to take on our nightmares?


No matter where we are in our own lives, the one thing we all share is hope. This story balances the dark grit with hope and the light it brings.

Gritty Realism

This story shows the insidious nature of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, and the devastating effects domestic abuse has on an entire family. My hope is that shining a light on this issue will help lead someone out of the darkness.

Plot Twists

Life is rarely straight forward. Just when you think you know what to expect, something comes along to shatter those assumptions.

Unique Story

This is not just another romantic suspense novel. These are complex characters with a dramatic tale all their own.

Darcia Helle lives in a fictional world with a husband who is sometimes real. Their house is ruled by spoiled dogs and cats and the occasional dust bunny.

Suspense, random blood spatter and mismatched socks consume Darcia’s days. She writes because the characters trespassing through her mind leave her no alternative. Only then are the voices free to haunt someone else’s mind.

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