Undressed To The Nines: A Thriller Novel (Drew Stirling Book 1)

Drew Stirling's life is in danger when she uncovers a conspiracy.
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Reviewers say:

"High marks on all counts – AND his prose is superb. Looks like we are seeing a major talent rise…" ~ Grady Harp Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer

Clever Nod to a Real Case

Drew's friend suggests a daring plot that gets its inspiration for a modern criminal case.

A Touch of Romance

Drew might just be on the cusp of finding someone to love, if she can stay alive.

Psychologically Suspenseful

Drew Stirling must run from those she thought she could trust.

Adult Language & Theme

Drew is a supermodel who is considering getting herself more undressed in order to expose the conspiracy that threatens her.

Fast Paced and Tightly Written

A fast-paced thriller that starts of a series, Drew Stirling didn't plan on becoming a hero, but it was either that or surrender.

Jayden Hunter is currently working in the exciting new genre LitRPG, a sci-fi/fantasy category that incorporates virtual reality with gaming elements.
He reads a broad range of genres, has written two psychological thrillers, and has a contemporary romance series in the works.
He is crazy over la más bella colombiana Mia.
Writing and creating is both a passion and a compulsion.
Omitting needless words is still problematic for him, but he’s trying.

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