The Rift

Four high school friends fight an evil wizard prince.
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Why you'll love my book

Unforgettable Characters

Journey with four teenagers with their own agendas and their own struggles.

Unique Surroundings

Immerse yourself in the small-town atmosphere of a real California city…that will soon be the center of a full-blown magical war.

Surprising Laughs

The sarcastic humor and laughs of four teenagers fill this adventure.

Heart-stopping Battles

Experience fight scenes packed with quick action and life-and-death choices.

Quick Read

Enjoy this easy-to-read intro to The Rift series.

The Beginning of Something Great

The Rift begins a nine-book saga taking you from a quiet senior year to a battle for the world’s future

J.T. Stoll wrote his first fantasy story when he was five. The prose was… brilliant. The accompanying stick figure illustrations… breathtaking. The lack of complex vocabulary underlies the deeper human condition.

It was terrible. His mother refuses to destroy the only copy because it has “sentimental value.”

He has always loved fantastical stories of all kinds: fantasy novels, 16-bit RPGs, superhero movies, whatever. If reading helps to escape the real world, why not go somewhere fun?

J.T. lives in San Luis Obispo County, California in a classy bachelor pad. He enjoys rock climbing, software development, and cooking amazing food.

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