15 Years of War: How the Longest War in U.S. History Affected a Military Family in Love, Loss, and the Cost Of Service

15 Years of War is a searing, heartbreaking, triumphant and ultimately powerful memoir, told in two different voices: husband and wife.
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Get an insider's look into how 15 years of war have affected a military family with continual training and deployments to the Pacific, Afghanistan and Iraq.
He provides firsthand accounts of his experiences in training and on the battlefield, combat casualties are described with ruthless clarity.
15 Years of War offers a road map to military life, and for those who do not have a family member in military service, it is a potent reminder of the sacrifices and struggles that dedicated men and women make on our behalf.
She allows readers a glimpse into her family through all too familiar to the 1% who serve, the letters between husband and wife that she shares; these are the legacy of this generation of warriors and their equally all-in families.
A family must deal with sudden loss, grief, and coming to terms with acceptance in the middle of a war.
The love they feel for each other is tangible in their emails and other communications; so is the deep frustration and longing caused by separation.

Kristine Schellhaas’s success as an entrepreneur and nationally renowned advocate for military families is the result of her unwavering passion, fearless commitment, and unique authenticity. Kristine has spent nearly two decades with her Marine and her journey has provided inspiration and opportunity for those who call the military community their own.

Kristine founded and launched usmclife.com in 2009 as a way to connect and educate military families during the daunting task of moving duty stations. Within six years, she transformed USMC Life into a marketable business reaching 2.5 million people a month.

She has dedicated thousands of volunteer hours helping military families aboard military installations as well as developing an online tool that provided its users with access to pertinent information for the whole family.

Kristine and her husband, Ross, an active duty Marine, have had three children, endured five wartime deployments, and have moved 12 times over the course of their military marriage. Kristine was named AFI’s Military Spouse of the Year for military installations in 2013 and 2014 by Military Spouse Magazine.

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho – Kristine currently resides at Camp Pendleton in Southern California with her husband, two children, and dog. She is currently serving on the advisory board for two military non-profits. In her spare time, Kristine enjoys reading, as well as celebrating life and red wine with friends.

To book Kristine for speaking or discover more about the author, please visit KristineSpeaks.com, or connect with her on social media.

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