Flowers On The Wall (Hart Of Rock And Roll Book 1)

Rock and roll, love, and a journey from an abusive childhood to stardom, redemption and love.
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I'm Mary J. Williams, it's nice to meet you!

Welcome to my page on HonestFew. I think you'll love my book, take a look!

Why you'll love my book

Here are some of the best things about my book that I think you'll really enjoy.

This is an emotional journey of both the heart and the soul. Don't start reading without a box of tissues nearby.
Love. Between a man and a woman. Between friends. Between a brother and sister. I truly believe it is the relationships that make a book memorable.
Ryder and Quinn. Their love story will stay with you long after you finish reading. Laugh. Cry. The bar scene alone is worth the price of admission.
It isn't all crying and angst. Funny and heartfelt. And some killer dialogue. There is nothing I like more than some great banter between my characters.
Rock and roll. It's a sexy, heady business. Ryder Hart is on top of the music world. How he got there--and how he stays on top--will keep you turning the pages.
A happy ending. Ryder Hart had a horrific childhood. He started with nothing and built a career that anyone would envy. But it isn't perfect. There are bump--plenty of them. Finding his happily ever after with Quinn doesn't come easily. The bumps and bruises along the way makes the ending infinitely satisfying.
Want to know how to motivate yourself to write a book?
Have your favorite football team lose the Super Bowl.
On the last play.
With an interception.
The next day I was so depressed I tuned out all media. No TV, no internet, no newspapers–nothing. And I started to write. I’m still writing.
As you can see, a little motivation can do wonders.
Football will play a big part in a series of books due out next year. And since I’m writing the ending? No interceptions. Guaranteed.

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