Declutter Your Mind: How To Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking (Mindfulness Books Series Book 1)

The goal of this book is simple is to teach you the habits, actions, and mindsets to clean up the mental clutter that's holding you back from living a meaningful life.
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Why you'll love our book

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Take Actionable Steps

Learn specific mindfulness techniques you can use every day to create more "space" in your mind to enjoy inner peace and happiness.

Declutter Your Thoughts

Discover four mindfulness habits to tame negative, looping thoughts and "retrain" your brain to stay centered, calm, and focused.

Declutter Your Relationships

Learn to be more present and mindful in all of your relationships to avoid the conflicts and miscommunications that destroy inner peace.

Start with Self-Awareness

Understand the causes of mental clutter that lead to worry, anxiety, distraction, and overwhelm.

Declutter Your Life Obligations

Learn how to center your life around your values and priorities, and use your goals and passions to free yourself from worry, regret, and rumination.

Declutter Your Surroundings

Create a peaceful, calm environment when you simplify your home, your digital devices, your obligations, and your distractions.

“Build a Better Life – One Habit at a Time”

Getting more from life doesn’t mean following the latest diet craze or motivation program. True success happens when you take action on a daily basis. In other words, it’s your habits that help you achieve goals and live the life you’ve always wanted.

In his books, S.J. provides daily action plans for every area of your life: health, fitness, work and personal relationships. Unlike other personal development guides, his content focuses on taking action. So instead of reading over-hyped strategies that rarely work in the real-world, you’ll get information that can be immediately implemented.

When not writing, S.J. likes to read, exercise and explore the different parts of the world

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Improving your life requires more than inspirational words and motivating concepts. Too many personal development books give you great ideas but don’t show you how to apply them. What you need (and what Barrie provides) are proven actions that work — each designed to help you solve a specific life challenge or problem.

Barrie writes books for a variety of people hungry for positive change and willing to take action to make it happen — men and women who want better relationships, stronger confidence, positive habits, more mindfulness, and improved emotional intelligence. What makes Barrie’s books different is her ability to explain complex ideas and science-back strategies in a simple, accessible way you can implement right away.

Barrie is a certified coach, top-ranked blogger, and online teacher. She enjoys reading, hiking, mountain biking, and spending time with her family.

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