Remembrance of Blue Roses

If you enjoy sophisticated and well-written literary fiction about the complexity of human relationship and love, you must read this!
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Learn about redemption

Be inspired

Learn about a complexity of human relationship in love and friendship

Enjoy cultural splendors of New York City

Yorker Keith lives in Manhattan, New York City. He loves literature, play, classical music, opera, and art. He holds an MFA in creative writing from The New School. His literary works have been four times recognized in the William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition as a finalist or a semifinalist.

His debut novel, Remembrance of Blue Roses, is praised by reviewers, such as:

“A skillful tale that explores relationship nuances and redemption.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Yorker Keith’s Remembrance of Blue Roses is a slow-burning, passionate literary novel that speaks to the romantic in all of us. … A precisely-written, well-crafted literary work that illuminates the many facets of love, obsession and, ultimately, redemption.” — Chanticleer Book Reviews

“A gem of a novel, providing a deep and satisfying journey with flesh-and-blood characters, excellent writing that occasionally soars to memorable heights, and a fearless exploration of the complexity of falling in love with a person who, while irresistible and reciprocal, is also attached to a dear friend who deserves loyalty. Highly recommended!” — The Columbia Review

“Author Yorker Keith weaves an intriguing storyline against the backdrop of the United Nations organization which follows the lives of Hans and Yukari, a married couple, and Mark, their close companion, as they discover the tether to the past that ties them to each other. … Throughout the threesome’s unconventional relationship in Remembrance of Blue Roses, Keith’s credibility is heightened by his adroit storytelling approach. There is no moment when skepticism or disbelief overshadows the probability of this friendship. The premise that three people can love one other unconditionally and without enmity is a theme from which Keith does not stray. Uniquely well written, Remembrance of Blue Roses is a contemporary window into the characters’ lifestyles, which will remain indelible as the beauty of a blue rose.” — Pacific Book Review

“A deftly crafted, multi-layered, compelling read from beginning to end, Remembrance of Blue Roses establishes novelist Yorker Keith as an extraordinarily gifted storyteller.” — Midwest Book Review

“Readers who enjoy a sophisticated and well-written book about the complexity of human relationship will definitely enjoy Remembrance of Blue Roses.” — Readers’ Favorite

“Remembrance of Blue Roses by Yorker Keith is about loyalty, friendship, and love. The story swept me off my feet and into a beautiful yet sad tale. The ending brought back a little bit of peace to my heart. … Yorker Keith’s writing has a way of drawing readers into his world of fiction. I couldn’t stop reading once I opened the novel. Overall, I highly recommend this title to readers everywhere.” — Urban Book Reviews

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