Get Amazon reviews by yourself or use a review service like HonestFew? We break down the costs.

Get Amazon reviews by yourself or use a review service like HonestFew? We break down the costs.

Which method saves you the most time and money?

So there has been much dispute between which method of promotion is more effective. The question is whether you should get Amazon reviews by yourself or use a review service like HonestFew? We break down the pros and cons of these two different methods. There are 2 main factors that will decide what you end up using, budget and time. Today we will break down the costs and compare which method will save you more time and money. With respect to the breakdown of time designated to these tasks, I am going to be quite conservative and round down to the lower side. This means that the timing for tasks will be based on the quickest amount of time you could imagine finishing something in. Please also keep in mind that as with most things, these tasks will most likely take you longer to do than expected especially if it is your first time going through the process of collecting reviews for your product.

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For both examples, we’ll be promoting 50 units to 50 reviewers.

Get Amazon reviews
So let’s start the breakdown if you were to get Amazon reviews manually

1. Find the reviewers – 7 hours or more
– You can find various reviewers on Facebook (Free)
– Other social groups and networks
– Keep in mind that it’s not recommended that you have friends or family review your product as Amazon flags this and they will remove reviews acquired through this method swiftly.

After finding the reviewers you will need to send the message to them to indicate that you would like them to review a product for you or you could post in the group and wait until they respond. Depending on your product, you may get 2-5 people interested. If you don’t find enough people you may have to look for other review groups or post multiple times at a later date in the group. Because of the unreliable nature of this method, it’s difficult to tell how long exactly you would have to wait before you are able to get in touch with 50 reviewers. I experimented with this method to see what kind of result I could get. I created a posting for a listing that I wanted to giveaway in exchange for a review and posted it up in the group. I had only 8 reviewers contact me over a span of 23 days. This time doesn’t include actually doing a review, it just accounts for starting a conversation with them. Your mileage will vary with how much work you decide to put in with spamming listings but the return doesn’t seem to be good.

Get Amazon reviews


Get Amazon reviews
Repeat this process until you have 50 people who are interested in your product and after you have spent time explaining the basics of your promotion to all 50 people you can move onto the next phase.

Total Time spent: 7 Hours
-finding places to post your product review offer and then get wait to be accepted in to the group (1.5 hours and being accepted into the group can span a couple of hours to a couple of days)
-drafting your message and posting the listing into all groups (1.5 hours)
-introduce the promotional product you want reviewed (5 minutes X 50 reviewers = 4 hours)

2. Qualify reviewers – 10.25 hours or more

-Figure out whether the reviewers who you’ve just met are reliable

– Check Amazon Reviewer profile for previous review history
-Ask whether they can review your product in a set amount of time
-Asking if they are capable of writing reviews that abide by Amazon’s TOS

Before you can distribute the code, it’s vital that you screen your reviewers. Sellers who don’t do this end up learning the hard way why it’s important to screen reviewers. The people on Facebook are total strangers that you’ve just met. You have no other option but to trust them if you want them to write a review for you. The worst thing is that if you give them a product to review, there’s no liability after the fact. You can’t punish them or force them to do anything. That’s why it’s critical to ask the right questions beforehand to see if you’ll be able to get your return. This step can be extremely time consuming but it’s necessary if you don’t want to be burned by any reviewers. After you have asked some qualifying questions, you’ll have to confirm that they’ll state that they received the product at a discount or for free and that they got it in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This is especially important because if this disclaimer is not included, Amazon will terminate the review as it breaks their TOS. Qualifying reviewers are very important because you have literally just solicited a random stranger who is interested in reviewing products. Unless you figure out if you can trust the person, there’s no way to know if they will actually deliver once they have claimed their code, they may just disappear and stop responding altogether, a number of things could happen as the reviewer loses nothing by ignoring you or deciding that something has come up and can’t do the review anymore. It’s a tough thing to say but it’s the reality.

After you have qualified your reviewers, it’s likely that there will be a few reviewers who aren’t up to your standards or liking. In this situation you’ll have to go back and redo the review finding stage for the reviewers who weren’t up to par.

Total Time spent: 10.25 Hours
-Setting up the terms of the review (7.5 minutes x 50 reviewers = 6.25 hours)
-Checking their Amazon Reviewer Profile (5 minutes x 50 reviewers = 4 hours)

3. Issuing codes – 3 hours or more
-general use code or single use code?
-distribute your codes to all 50 reviewers

You can choose to use a general use code, which would save a ton of time in distribution as you wouldn’t have to find a different single use code and send it to a different user every single time. The problem with random reviewers is that it’s possible to have your codes leaked and to have your products claimed by strangers who won’t didn’t even originally claim the code. There’s no way of knowing until after the fact and it’s very unlikely you’ll get a review from users who you have not even spoken to about a review. A situation like this is even more likely to happen if you send the same general use code out to reviewers and you have to get through 50 people. Combine this with the fact that they will most likely be operating on different timezones, your claim codes may be take a while before everyone can redeem it. If you’re waiting for all of your reviews to redeem your product before ending the promotion, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. It’s much safer to spend the extra time and opt for handing out single use claim codes manually.

Total Time spent: 3 Hours
-Create promotional code campaign and single use claim codes (0.5 hour)
-distribute unique claim codes to everyone (3 minutes x 50 reviewers = 2.5 hours)

4. Collecting your reviews– 13 hours or more
-contact reviewers and check status of reviews
-if review isn’t done, you will have to keep following up

Once you’ve got your codes claimed, you’ve got to keep track of 50 reviewers and make sure that they finish your reviews.

The review collection process is probably one of the most difficult parts of the process because it can be a very big time drain. You want to get your value from the reviewers but verifying reviewers can take time as it’s definitely not as easy to get a reviewer’s attention when you’re asking whether they have finished their review rather than if they want a product to review. If you’re lucky you will have some reviewers who have given the product a review with the necessary information and such and have delivered on their end of the bargain on time. For the most part reviewers who are actively soliciting reviews from any seller have multiple products and timelines to deliver for which split their focus on your product. You’ve got to remember as well that a reviewer has their own lives and responsibilities to take care of besides your review.

It’s a stressful task to collect reviews, e specially if there are people who are late or nonresponsive or straight up just don’t care about you after they have received your product.
You’ll need to track the reviewers on an excel sheet or else you will quickly get confused as to who has confirmed what and when. When you’re at the review collection phase, you’ll just be dealing with follow ups and possibly a lot of customer service in case there were issues with your promo code, etc. Your job now is to collect your reviews from everyone. The review ratio is in direct correlation with how many times you remind the reviewer, there will however be reviewers who just disappear and that’s just one of the risks of using anyone to review your product.

Total Time spent: 8 Hours
-follow up with all reviewers to see if they are finished (6 minutes x 50 reviewers = 5 hours)
-check the actual review to see if there is anything wrong with it (10 minutes x 50 reviewers = 8 hours)

Congratulations on making it through the entire process for generating reviews manually! I haven’t included all the small things you’ll have to do to generate reviews but hopefully this gives you the main gist. Let’s see how much time we put in and how much money we saved.

Minimum time spent: 33.25 hours

Money spent: $0

Reviews received: No amount guaranteed, depends on how much follow up you do.

The total amount of time that you would have spent engaged in generating reviews would be a minimum of 33 hours and 15 minutes. The entire timeline for your reviews would most likely span 3 weeks from start to finish. It wouldn’t have cost you anything to do the promotion except your time and a considerable amount of stress and energy on your part.


Get Amazon reviews

Now let’s compare using a service like HonestFew to get Amazon reviews.

When you want to start a promotion, all we need is your product listing URL and your single use codes. Once we have that we can get started on developing your campaign and launching it. We deal with all the customer service inquiries about your product and we do everything in regards to the review collection process. That’s how simple it is to work with HonestFew. We also guarantee a reviewer rate of at least 65% on the total amount of units you promote. This means that if you don’t have at least 65% of your total promotional amount reviewed, you get your money back. No questions asked.

0. Setting up your campaign –  15 minutes on your part
-Give us your product listing URL and single use claim codes

1. Find the reviewers – 0 hours on your part
-Honestfew works with a variety of reviewers from Amazon top reviewers, to bloggers, to everyday people who just love to review product
2. Qualify reviewers – 0 hours on your part
-We ensure that reviewers who sign up know how to write reviews that abide with Amazon’s TOS and also include a disclaimer for every review that they do with us.
3. Issuing codes
– 0 hours on your part
-All single use codes are sent directly to reviewers through our automated system.
4. Collecting your reviews– 0 hours on your part
Reviewers have 2 weeks after they receive their product to submit their review. They are reminded electronically at certain times to ensure that reviews are submitted punctually.
-Reviewers who do not follow our policies are banned from our community and suspended from using our services indefinitely.

Maximum time spent: 15 minutes

Money spent: $299

Reviews received: At least 65% of 50 which is 33 reviews. Often times our review rate will be higher than that.

Comparing the 2 methods now, it’s clear to see which one is a better use of your time.
If you made minimum wage, the minimum time you would have spent generating reviews would have cost you $241. Now as a business owner I would imagine that your time is more valuable than someone who is mopping the floor for $7.25 an hour so let’s assume your hourly wage is at the $20 mark. At that rate, the time you spent generating the reviews cost you a minimum of $665.

If you had used HonestFew you would have saved yourself $366 dollars, 33 hours of your time, and lots of unneeded stress. You also would have received 33 guaranteed reviews instead of the mystery amount from Facebook reviewers.

Now with Amazon becoming more competitive, 50 reviews would be considered conservative. If you were set on competing in your niche you would probably try for 100 reviews. The time you will spend generating reviews will cost you a minimum of $1,330. A package for 100 reviews costs $499. You would save $831 and be guaranteed 65 reviews.

When the amount of reviews you are looking for goes up, it becomes much more effective to use our service because we have the infrastructure to scale and deliver you results. If you were to do everything manually, the risks, management, and follow up for your reviewers would skyrocket because there would just be so many people to manage.

If you’re interested in saving money and spending your time on doing the essential things in your business, take a look at some of our packages here: or give us a call toll free at 1855-707-2395

This case study is exclusively based on our service and does not apply to other review services as we work don’t work the same as many others. We cannot speak to the success of other services.

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