How To Increase Sales On Amazon Using Biological Triggers

Do you want to know the secret to how to increase sales on Amazon using biological triggers?

All Amazon sellers are trying to learn how to increase sales on Amazon but did you know that you can convince people to buy from you using biology?

Not psychology. Biology.

Here’s the thing: everyone has the same biological desires that need to be met. They’re naturally programmed into you. And as a seller, you can make more money and beat your competition by appealing to these primal needs. Originally from Ca$hvertising by Drew Whitman, the “Life Force 8” (LF8) are these desires:

(1) Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension.

(2) Enjoyment of food and beverages.

(3) Freedom from fear, pain and danger.

(4) Sexual companionship.

(5) Comfortable living conditions.

(6) To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses.

(7) Care and protection of loved ones.

(8) Social approval.

Stop and think: is there one of these 8 that you don’t want?

So, the next time you sell something (which is every day on Amazon), change your ad copy to touch on 1 or more of these.

You’ll make the sale if you can show them that your product meets a biologically-programmed need.

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I’ll give you an example: perfume and cologne, body fragrances.

Really? Magic scented water that you spray on your body for $100 a bottle? That’s not necessary for survival!

But that doesn’t matter, because the fragrance industry sells using the Life Force 8. The market is worth $28 billion dollars annually.

Fragrances aren’t sold like this:

This fresh-smelling cologne comes in a modern 30mL bottle that dispenses a scent other people love.

Yes, that’s what it physically does. But those are features, not benefits! It doesn’t reach you on a biological level.

Fragrances are sold like this:
This cologne will send luscious, sexy girls flocking to you. Don’t buy it if you can’t handle the attention! In just minutes, you’ll have other guys wondering what your secret is.

In this biologically-infused example we see:
(1) Enjoyment of life (“attention”)
(4) Sexual companionship (“luscious, sexy girls”)
(6) To be superior, winning (“your secret”; notice how this article opens with telling you a secret?)
It also doesn’t hurt that there’s a promise of fast results with the phrase “in just minutes”.

That’s stupid, you think. Of course I wouldn’t write copy like that first example.

Yet, 95% of sellers are writing their Amazon listings with a list of features instead of appealing to biologically-programmed benefits.

Every listing could use an LF8 tune-up. The day you do it is the day your conversions increase. Share this with another seller who could use it. And if you’re wondering exactly how to optimize everything from start to finish, check out our full guide on optimization. It’s free.

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