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Build trust and insightful user feedback

Island’s Miracle teams up with HonestFew to take on the lucrative world of health supplements. We generated online reviews to answer the question that every potential buyer asks: how do I know that this is going to do what you say it will? HonestFew developed a campaign for 6 products and distributed 900 units to interested product reviewers in the span of a 3 month period. The process was automated by HonestFew, so it was a breeze on the brand's part. Here's a closer look at the data behind why reviews work:


Reviews build the trust that your customers need in order to purchase quickly & confidently.

63% of consumers more likely to purchase

63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from you if you have product ratings and reviews. This simple improvement could easily increase your bottom line by thousands every month.

71% of customers agree it makes them more comfortable

71% of consumers agree that reviews make them more comfortable that the product they are buying is right for them. This means more successful orders and fewer abandoned carts.

Our business was at a point to where we understood the online e-commerce market and how powerful a review was. We were looking for different ways to get real honest reviews and have tested 7 different services before we found HonestFew. We decided to try HonestFew after just a few emails and Skype call. The communication was excellent, and I felt I could trust them in doing what they said they were going to do.

HonestFew has allowed us to gain lots of high quality, trusted reviews in a short amount of time. We are now including HonestFew in our process for launching new products, and helping to maintain relevance for current products. I would recommend HonestFew to any business who is in need of solid product reviews!”

Jonathon S.
Island’s Miracle


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A symbol of trust, reliability and quality ingredients.

The biggest challenge with Island’s Miracle (and any up-and-coming supplement brand, for that matter) is building a reputation for formulas that work. We needed to prove that the product was safe and delivered results. Leveraging HonestFew’s dedicated audience of 30k+ reviewers, Island’s Miracle created a solid review base across 6 different product listings. After giving the reviewers enough time to receive and test the supplements, they left their feedback online, both positive and negative. The array of helpful, informative, and sometimes critical reviews helped to further give potential customers a well-rounded snapshot of each product. Over 750 reviews were produced at a review rate of 87%, and over 39,000 new impressions for Island’s Miracle. This increased recurring monthly revenues by over $6,500 and made Island’s Miracle an authority in the supplement space.

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