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Going into this promotion, New York Biology knew they had good products. But, with many formidable competitors in the beauty space, how does a new brand set itself apart? Using HonestFew, New York Biology generated a wealth of online feedback and reviews for their products, so they could compete with big brands on the basis of social proof. Like the health supplement market, we’ve found that beauty products require more trust from the end consumer, and online reviews achieve this objective. HonestFew designed a sampling promotion targeting US females aged 20-50, to make sure that New York Biology got its products into the right hands. The campaign resulted in hundreds of new online reviews, sales via word-of-mouth, and a monthly revenue increase of $23,950. Here’s a closer look at the sales uplift that you can expect from increasing your review base:


Customers trust and believe reviews up to 12x more than company marketing material.

87% of consumers trust and are influenced by reviews

87% of consumers trust online reviews and also are influenced by positive reviews. You can use HonestFew promotions to leverage reviews in a way that gets through to customers and drives purchasing behavior.

Consumers trust reviews 12x or more than what you say.

Consumers trust customer reviews up to 12x more than what you say. You've got a great product, but they just won't listen to you... after all, every company says their product is the best. Instead, let online customer reviews sell your product for you.

When we first started to work with HonestFew we had absolutely zero sales. They were able to quickly get us the reviews we needed so that customers can see honest reviews about our products and judge for themselves if they wanted to purchase what we sold. We started working with HonestFew from day one. 9 months later we have now grown our brand to have over 15 items and we could not have done it without HonestFew helping us in the beginning.

I would definitely recommend HonestFew to anyone starting out selling their own brand. Getting consumers to review your products is a very daunting task. HonestFew really does so much work for you and takes away so much of the stress involved at the very beginning of starting your business. Promoting your items is hard work and takes up an enormous amount of time. With HonestFew helping with this process, you have time to actually focus on other crucial parts of your business.”

Oron U.
New York Biology


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Raving fans and a product that customers can stand behind.

Before running their HonestFew promotion, New York Biology had good products but lacked one thing: social proof in the form of reviews. It’s the classic challenge: you can’t get reviews without sales and you can’t get sales without reviews. HonestFew provided that initial review base and buzz that allowed New York Biology to realize revenue from their line faster than an average brand building up reviews over time. This is especially critical on third-party retail platforms, where consumers are likely to choose the option with more reviews— making or breaking brands instantly. HonestFew produced over 2,000 reviews with an industry leading review rate of 76% and over 89,000 impressions. This resulted in over $20,000 worth of sales in the coming months and launched their product into top gear.

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