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Increase conversions across multiple platforms

Going into this promotion, we knew that ViscoSoft’s main objective was to increase profits on various online distribution platforms. Brands can capitalize on the traffic that third-party retailers bring by increasing their review count so that shoppers pick them over the competition. ViscoSoft hadn’t yet optimized their presence in online retailers, so that was the focus of the campaign. We developed a multifaceted campaign to build a review base on ViscoSoft’s native e-commerce site and other third party retailers. The campaign was prepared and launched within a week and we produced reviews and user feedback for over 600 product units. The process was executed quickly and was completely automated by HonestFew, so it was a breeze on the brand's part. This campaign resulted in hundreds of reviews and many happy customers that shared their experience with friends and family. More importantly, this gave ViscoSoft the social proof it needed to outperform their competitors on various retail platforms. Big win! Here's a closer look at how reviews affect conversion rates:


Reviews significantly improve your conversion rate & sales volume.

50+ reviews can increase conversions by 4.6%

Simply producing 50+ reviews for your product can lead to a 4.6% increase in conversions. This means that a one-time investment in reviews means more sales for your product listings for life.

18% increase in sales just by displaying reviews

Showing reviews on a product page increases sales by 18%. That's why it's essential to have in-depth, insightful product reviews: they're an online sales tool that permanently maximizes results.

The team at HonestFew have been true partners in helping us get constructive and clear feedback to increase our exposure, and help us tell the story of our products in a way that reassures both the consumer and the company.

Their attention to finding reviewers from every demographic who will write accurately and articulately is always impressive and has lead to repeat business with them in the past year. We would recommend using HonestFew to give you an advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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ROI per Month


Beat the competition on various sales channels

Knowing the impact of reviews on conversions, ViscoSoft partnered with us to build social proof on their native e-commerce website and select retail platforms. We produced over 400 reviews on various platforms with a review rate of 69%. This campaign produced over 31,000 impressions and a monthly ROI of over $3,300. Our solution provided a big edge for them in comparison to their competitors and provided the competitive advantage they needed to make the most amount of sales possible.

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