Amazon Listing Optimization Package

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Amazon Listing Optimization Package

Sellers buy inventory, pay for shipping, pay for promotions… and then jot down a few words about their product on Amazon.

But that’s backwards.

Optimization = foundation.

Without a well-written listing, traffic can’t convert into cash in your pocket.

In fact, every second an unoptimized listing is online, it’s bleeding money: customers visit, don’t convert, and leave. Their trust in your brand is shaken. Amazon tracks the customer’s behavior and says “must not be a good product.”

Eliminate the time and guesswork. Hire HonestFew’s team of professional copywriters to optimize your listing.

Here’s why:

1. It gets you more traffic.
We do in-depth keyword research on your niche to find the search terms that generate cash. Then, we formulate your ideal title, bullets, keyword set, and photo recommendations.  

2. It increases your conversion rate.
Once buyers discover your page, they are more likely to buy. Our ad copy trigger purchase behavior.

Plus, our service includes everything.

Other services do title/bullets/description, but we don’t stop there. We optimize every field that affects keyword ranking. And in a consolidating Amazon market, you deserve every advantage.

Here are the items that our team of copywriters delivers in 7 days or less. When we’re done, all you need to do is plug them in and watch your conversions rise.

Listing Title (150 characters)
● 5 bullet points (100 characters each)
● Product description (1500 characters, standard and HTML formatted)
● Keywords: Search Terms (5 fields, 1000 characters each)
● Product photography suggestions, if applicable

Ultimately, it’s more expensive not to optimize because bad listings bleed money.

Let us do the work, sit back, relax, and watch your conversions improve in less than a week. This package is only $299 for a limited time. Non-refundable after 14 days of purchase.

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Introducing the Amazon Listing Optimization Service by HonestFew