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Reader Terms & Conditions

HonestFew Inc. Terms & Conditions of Use For Readers

HonestFew Inc. (also “HonestFew”, “HonestFew.com”) connects Shoppers (also “Reader(s)”) to Sellers (also “Client(s)”, “Brand(s)”, “Author(s)”) to promote their products and services (“Product(s)”, “Service(s)”). By signing up as a Shopper, you agree to receive emails that inform you of free or discounted products and services offered by HonestFew Inc. from its Clients.

HonestFew Inc. offers Shoppers a limited quantity of free or discounted products. Shoppers understand that there is a limited number of products available, so securing one is not guaranteed. Most deals are first-come-first-serve, and each can be redeemed for the purchase of one (1) item only. Sharing discounts issued by HonestFew Inc. with anyone, third parties included, will result in a permanent suspension of your HonestFew account.

If you receive and redeem a deal from HonestFew Inc. for use on an ecommerce site (including but not limited to Amazon.com), HonestFew Inc. or the Seller may ask you to leave an honest online review of your experience. However, you are not required to write a review of the product, on Amazon or elsewhere. Discounts are supplied without the expectation of review, and a review is not required in exchange for receiving the discount.

HonestFew Inc. sells products in accordance with Amazon.com’s Terms of Service. We do not control the nature or content of any review. We do not guarantee that reviews will be positive, either. You also agree that despite being free or discounted, neither HonestFew Inc. nor Clients have influenced the nature of your review. We encourage Shoppers to consult Amazon.com’s policy on writing product reviews for free or discounted items.

The discounts available apply to the retail price of the Products, but Shoppers may still have to pay regular shipping and handling charges. These charges vary depending on package destination, desired speed, and Shopper status (e.g. Amazon Prime members often have different shipping fees).

MEMBERSHIP If a Shopper no longer wants to receive HonestFew Inc. promotions, they have only to unsubscribe from the email list. An unsubscription is considered the same as closing one’s account. HonestFew Inc. reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Shopper’s account without notice.

PRIVACY We will not share sensitive information related to Shoppers without receiving the Shopper’s consent. General information that does not identify the Shopper directly may be used at HonestFew Inc.’s discretion, for activities such as reporting and marketing.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY HonestFew Inc. owns all web, domain, graphics, and other intellectual property associated with our service. This excludes the intellectual property of Amazon.com Inc. Amazon is a registered trademark of Amazon.com Inc. HonestFew Inc. has no affiliation, association, endorsement, or sponsorship by Amazon. All content generated for Client’s promotion, including but not limited to email content, is the intellectual property of HonestFew Inc. Without prior agreement from HonestFew Inc., no one has permission to use our intellectual property– in part or in whole– at any point in time.”

NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT By using HonestFew Inc. services you understand that HonestFew Inc. may, in the course of our interactions, reveal some or all proprietary information, including but not limited to: digital content, methods, systems, procedures, trade secrets, methodologies and more. By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions of Use, you agree to keep proprietary information hidden and to divulge it, directly or indirectly.

NON-SOLICITATION By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions of Use, you agree to not solicit business, directly or indirectly, or try to resell, license, or subcontract services similar to HonestFew Inc. by using HonestFew Inc.

USER CONDUCT Our “users” are both our Clients and Shoppers. By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions of Use, all users agree to abide by the law of their jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of their Amazon Seller or Author Central account. Users also agree to abide by Amazon.com’s terms of service. You shall not use HonestFew Inc. services for fraud, infringement, or illegal activities. Users acknowledge that HonestFew Inc. may take measures to ensure that they comply with the law, including monitoring and measuring their activity.

INDEMNIFICATION By accepting these Terms & Conditions of Use, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold HonestFew Inc. and its related parties harmless from all claims, judgements, costs, expenses, liabilities and/or attorneys fees.

GOVERNING LAW The enforcement of this agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of Ontario, Canada. Should it be required, the venue for any legal action shall be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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